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Stone Gallery was founded by Eli Morduff in 2000. Eli grew up in a family that was part of the family life, and his parents had a small, family-owned marble factory that was among the veterans in Tel Aviv in 2008. The company opened a professional and varied gallery on Dizengoff Street in Bnei Brak.

"Stone Gallery" is a company specializing in the import of marble and natural stone for flooring and cladding, and porcelain boards. The company is one of the leading companies in Israel, with many years of experience in private and public projects.

Stone Gallery has a boutique gallery on 28 Lehi Street in Bnei Brak, and a logistic lot with a huge inventory of tiles, polished porcelain panels made in Italy, in a variety of marble and stone models, in different sizes and textures.

The company has a gallery of high quality marble slabs from a wide range of destinations, from Onyx boards to Tasos, Civet, Stetio, Calcutta, Raphael, Basaltina and more ... Stone Gallery specializes in tailoring a personal suit tailored to each client, Concept design is desirable, special orders on demand.

Our company provides consultation and design solutions with a professional team of the first rank, with extensive knowledge and experience in many types of materials. Stone Gallery also leads a line of boutique stores that specialize in the product.

Stone Gallery has a high reputation in the market, enjoys a first hand advantage and a high level of selection, and provides dedicated service to its customers.


Stone Gallery is an importer from many countries in the world of materials in a wide variety of shades and textures, with great emphasis on quality control abroad and stone sorting prior to their arrival in Israel .The Company's senior officials frequently visit exhibitions abroad and new quarries in order to bring all natural innovations to Israel In the new products sold in the world.

The company believes in uncompromising quality and works with a large stock of tile tiles for different sizes and a spectacular selection of marble slabs for bathrooms.

The company's staff includes professionals who work for many years in the industry and provide solutions in consultation and design, sorting and laying of stone in Israel and abroad, extensive knowledge of the many types of marble - their sources and quality, transportation and logistics service, work with architects and proficiency in reading plans and details.

Stone Gallery provides a manufacturing solution for various details and arrangements in stone and marble, using the most advanced equipment and knowledge in Israel. The company accompanies each project on a field visit, coordinating expectations with the customer and, if necessary, sorting the marble abroad together with the customer or anyone on his behalf.

Stone Gallery works with a wide range of architects and designers who seek professional quiet and extensive knowledge while maintaining fair prices to customers. Many architects will be able to testify about the quality of the products and service in the company, in high quality and complex projects that match every vision and fantasy.

Stone Gallery is accessible to any product around the world and believes that there is no material that is not available and brings the customer every product in any processing and required degree - very rare and hard to obtain materials along with common materials.

Stone Gallery specializes in complex works and special details of work surfaces, stairs and panels, frames and window sills, stone columns, cornices, tendon adjustments and mole cuts, water jet carpets, fireplaces and sinks, antique arrangements and straight and rounded laser cutting.

"Stone Gallery" provides solutions and advice for polishing work as needed, and recently began to provide solutions in the field of marble and natural stone.

Which includes the workmanship of paving, cladding, stairways, cutting to measure etc ...

The work includes a visit by a site professional, measurement, counseling and guidance.

In fact, customers can enjoy high quality raw materials and high levels of work under one roof, at a fair price and with responsibility.

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